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Storms bring neighborhood ‘Snow Angels’

Snow Angels — no, I’m not talking about the ones made on the UMD football field by Rotaract in an attempt to set a new Guinness World’s Record.

Instead, neighbors helping neighbors in our winter and spring of snowfall records.

For years, I have shoveled the public sidewalk from my neighbor’s house on the north to the one on the south. Except for a few times this year I continue to do so. March 27 at about 3:30 p.m., I foolishly tried to drive the alley behind my house to put my car in the garage. What a surprise. I got stuck. Neighbor Bob Eastman and his 4-wheeler with plow and his many times pushing my car helped me to get in the garage where my car stayed.

Every big snow, and there are many, neighbor Eric Lang blows snow along 26th street and from the corner of 26th and Ogden to 2424 Ogden.

And Friday, my wife insisted on putting her van in the garage and got stuck in the knee high snow in the alley. Neighbor Mike McCoy blew snow up to her van, then used his four-wheel drive vehicle and a strap to get her unstuck.

My sincere thanks go to these neighbors and the many others who are the best examples of “snow angels.”