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Show support for animals

The mayor of Superior is proposing to send all the shelter dogs and cats to Duluth. Why he believes this is a good idea, he will not say. I believe that any plan for the pets of Superior that does not include a well-maintained and staffed shelter is unacceptable. We have worked too hard in this community to better the lives of our pets to abandon them now. Is there anyone among us who can look into the eyes of our pet and say “I do not care what happens to you or where you end up if you are ever lost?” Astonishingly, that is exactly what the mayor said. He said that it is not his problem. The mayor proposes to warehouse our pets like a cheap commodity and then ship them to the lowest bidder. What happens to them after that is out of our control. Is this where you want your pets going if they are ever brought to the shelter? If my pets are ever lost, I want to know that they are going to a safe, well-maintained shelter, where there are people who will care for them with the same love that I do. We deserve someone who loves this city and all its residents as much as we do. That person is not Bruce Hagen. When the mayor ran, he made a promise to the people of Superior and now he is breaking that promise in the worst way — by attacking the most vulnerable in our community. I ask everyone to come to the City Council meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 18 in Room 201 of the Government Center and show your support for the animals of Superior. We are Superior people. Let’s show the mayor what that means when it comes to our pets.