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School board should reconsider

I have lived in Superior for 10 years. I raised my children in Roseville, Minn., in the ’70s and ’80s.

I would have been very offended if the school board waived its drug policy for a tailgate party during my children’s growing up years.

What are you thinking?

According to the article the only stipulation the Packer organization stated was they would be Miller products, not that they would only come if alcohol was offered.

This is the kind of change of rules the kids were supposed to be taught schools would never tolerate.

I do hope you reconsider and not allow alcohol. Do any of the school board members even have students enrolled? Is this what we want our students to think they can do when the facility is built — sneak alcohol inside the game?

I think you need to really take a hard look at what can come of this decision down the road. I look forward to your response.