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Scandal fantasy shows true colors

“Media portrays parties with bias” published Jan. 21, conveniently omits the fact the letter writer is a Waukesha Republican party operative. I wonder why?

He insinuates that Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is being treated unfairly, and tries to equate Watergate and Christie’s problems as an overblown media scandal.

The facts lead where they lead. For him to suggest Watergate was a media driven event is curious. The newspapers and television networks did not play this up in the beginning. When administration officials started to lie and cover up is when things got out of hand.

Don’t blame the media for the actions of the Nixon administration. The same goes for Christie’s response to the “bridgegate” scandal. Instead of making that stupid joke about how he was the guy out there with the cones, maybe he should have said we will look into it, and if anything was out of the ordinary, we will deal with it, and let you know.

To his other issues of the so-called scandals. As much as the Republicans have tried to keep these investigations in the headlines, the facts aren’t there.

Maybe the letter writer should move on from fantasy scandals. His last two assertions about the so-called scandals being minimized because the president is black is just plain goofy. The other one about how many more scandals will garner minimum attention shows his true colors.

In his mind and many like him, members of this administration are not really true Americans.