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Redetzke snares AMSOIL Speedway late model win

By Jerry O'Brien

For The Telegram

Jake Redetzke made a rare appearance Friday night at the AMSOIL Speedway and surprised the Late Model field tracking down race-long leader Zach Wohlers to snatch the win.

In other action, Andy Davey held off Nick Oreskovich in the Super Stock main event, a race that was completed without any caution flags; Mack Estey finally beat older brother Skeeter to win his first Midwest Modified feature at the speedway; and Kelly Estey put on a late charge and put himself in position to grab the Modified feature win from Destin Lorimor, who had led from the start.

A season-high 99 cars were in competition and qualifying heats were won by Harry Hanson and Zach Wohlers in the late models; Matt Leer, Deven VanHouse and Destin Lorimor in the modifieds; Willie Johnsen Jr.; Dave Flynn and Andy Davey in the super stocks; Skeeter Estey, Joe Chaplin and Dan Kingsley in the Midwest Modifieds; and Josh Loucks, Lucas Carlson and Ryan Savoy in the pure stocks.

LUGNUTS: In the modified main event, Superior’s Al Uotinen finished in a disappointing 14th place but his consecutive laps completed number increased to 870 or the equivalent of 42 feature races. … The 15-lap pure stock feature and the result was the same as it has been every race this season as Dustin Follett once again bested a 19-car field and remained undefeated in feature action. It was Follett's fourth consecutive feature win at the speedway. However, a protest of the winner's car was filed and the feature finish is unofficial at this point.

AMSOIL Speedway

Friday, June 13

WISSOTA Late Model (15 cars)

Feature (25 laps): Jake Redetzke, Eau Claire; Zach Wohlers, Pengilly; Harry Hanson, Eveleth; Kyle Peterlin, Hibbing; Tim McMann, Duluth; Mark Rose, Dorchester; Terry Lillo, Duluth; Steve Laursen, Cumberland; Aaron Lillo, Proctor; Trevor Wilson, Superior; Dustin Lunde, Saginaw. DNF: Kevin Carlson, Hermantown; T. J. Adams, Hayward; Todd Gehl, Solon Springs; John Toppozini, Thunder Bay.

Heat 1 (8 laps): Hanson; Redetzke; Peterlin; McMann; Laursen; Wilson; Rose; Toppozini.

Heat 2 (8 laps): Wohlers; T. Lillo; Adams; A. Lillo; Carlson; Lunde.

WISSOTA Modified (21 cars)

Feature (20 laps): Kelly Estey, Kelly Lake; Jeff Broking, Grand Rapids; Deven VanHouse, Silver Bay; Destin Lorimor, Superior; Jamie Davis, Ft. Francis; Jody Bellefeuille, Duluth; Kevin Eder, Ashland; Rick Rivord, Superior; Jeff Tardy, Hibbing; Donnie Lofdahl, Duluth; E.J. Hietala, Cloquet; Scott Hudack, Ashland; Brian Mikkonen, Iron River; Al Uotinen, Superior; Rick Niemi, Eveleth; Nikki Wrazidlo, Duluth; Cory Jorgenson, Hermantown; Cod Wolkowski, Thunder Bay; Pat Cook Washburn. DNF: Scott Heikkinen, Eveleth; Matt Leer, Bruce.

Heat 1 (8 laps): Leer; Broking; Estey; Niemi; Hietala; Mikkonen. DNF: Cook.

Heat 2 (8 laps): VanHouse; Davis; Eder; Bellefeuille; Uotinen; Hudack; Heikkinen

Heat 3 (8 laps): Lorimor; Rivord; Tardy; Lofdahl; Jorgenson; Wrazidlo; Wolkowski.

WISSOTA Super Stock (19 cars)

Feature (20 laps): Andy Davey, Hibbing; Nick Oreskovich, Mason; Shane Kisling, Sarona; Jim Campbell, Two Harbors; Derek Vesel, Hibbing; Pat Heikkinen, Eveleth; Tyler Kintner, Hibbing; Tristan LaBarge, Kelly Lake; Kevin Burdick, Proctor; Scott Lawrence, Superior; Andy Grymala, Superior; Willie Johnsen Jr., Superior; Shawn McFadden, Ashland; Keith Kern, Superior; DJ Keeler, Superior; Mike Zasnadi, Aurora. DNF: Dan Tocheri, Kakabaka Falls; Dave Flynn, Superior.

Heat 1 (8 laps): Johnsen Jr.; Heikkinen; Oreskovich; Burdick; Vesel; Yrjanson; Zasadni.

Heat 2 (8 laps): Flynn; LaBarge; McFadden, Jr; Grymala; Campbell; Kern.

Heat 3 (8 laps): Davey; Kisling; Kintner; Lawrence; Keeler; Tocheri.

WISSOTA Midwest Modified (25 cars)

Feature (20 laps): Mack Estey, Kelly Lake; Dan Kingsley, Superior; Skeeter Estey, Kelly Lake; Mike Truscott, Chippewa Falls; Deven VanHouse, Silver Bay; Jake Gondik, Foxboro; Joe Chaplin Jr., Cameron; Tyler Luger, Iron River; George Truscott, Greenland; Carey LePage, Culver; Cody Carlson, Superior; Dale Soumala, Hermantown; David Simpson, Thunder Bay; Don Scholler, Statesville, NC; Andy Inman, Hermantown; Brady Caul, Ft. Francis; Zach Dockter, Minot, ND; Norm Anderson Jr., Duluth; Tyler Vernon, Ashland. DNF: Rob Ranttalo, Thunder Bay; Justin Madsen, Foxboro; Justin Bassa, Hermantown; Don Craig, Thunder Bay; Chris Bretting, Washburn. DNS: Rick, Peterson, Two Harbors.

Heat 1 (8 laps): S. Estey; VanHouse; M. Truscott; M. Estey; G. Truscott; Dockter; Anderson Jr.; Rantallo. DNF: Simpson.

Heat 2 (8 laps): Chaplin Jr.; LePage; Carlson; Madsen; Bassa; Craig; Vernon; Peterson.

Heat 3 (8 laps): Kingsley; Luger; Bretting; Gondik; Caul; Inman; Soumala; Scholler.

Pure Stock (19 cars)

Feature (15 laps): (Results unofficial): Dustin Follett, Cloquet; Josh Loucks, Carlton; Lucas Carlson, Cloquet; Annika Hammitt, Cloquet; Ryan Savoy, Superior; Matt Deragon, Ashland; Chad Nikstad, Superior; Mike Blevins, Hibbing; Glenn Dammer, Hermantown; Andy Udeen, Superior; Matt Hammitt, Cloquet; Shaina Rapp, Saginaw; Matt Cunha, Hibbing; Mike Lambert, Superior; Ryan Madsen, South Range. DNF: Jim Cooper, Superior; Jon Hammitt, Cloquet. DNS: Robert Galovich, Superior.

Heat 1 (8 laps): Loucks; Dammer; A. Hammitt; Udeen; Rapp; Madsen. DNF: Blevens.

Heat 2 (8 laps): Carlson; Follett; Deragon; Nikstad; M. Hammitt; Cunha.

Heat 3 (8 laps): Savoy; J. Hammitt. DNF: C. Carlson; Cooper; Lambert. DNS: Galovich.