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Privatization isn't the answer

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opinion Superior,Wisconsin 54880
Privatization isn't the answer
Superior Wisconsin 1410 Tower Ave. 54880

I don’t believe privatizing custodial services at UWS is an answer to budget balancing. I understand that an enrollment drop and reduced state aid have created budget problems for our fine university.

However, the quality of work should be better under UWS supervision than under private management. I believe that university custodial workers have a feeling of pride because they are part of the university family. Sometimes, people take building maintenance for granted, but good building work is not an accident.

I know that some people will say all is well and good, but how do we deal with the budget shortfall?

My suggestions are:

1. Scrutinize all department and program budgets. Maybe there are ways to become more efficient.

2. According to the Telegram, several programs have been suspended. I assume these programs were not cost-efficient. Maybe narrowing the UWS focus even further is possible.

3. Do more “barking” at the front door of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I was a teacher and an administrator at the University of Minnesota Duluth during the 1960s and ’70s. We had to do this on a regular basis. Fun — no — sounds like begging, but sometimes it works.

Finally, I believe that UWS will make the right decisions that will reinforce their standing as an outstanding community citizen

Craig Peterson,