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Presidents don’t sanction terrorism

A letter in the June 27 issue of the Telegram, made the implication that the author has, “independent and clear thinking Democrat friends,” who also see a scandalous cover-up involving Benghazi. But obviously, the claim that some democrats accept a cover-up theory means nothing more than some Democrats have also been deceived.

Actually, a number of independent news sources reported during and after the attack that the Administration made immediate attempts to reinforce the embassy with back-ups.

Most of us have been told Obama abandoned the embassy and the fight went on for many hours. The Wall Street Journal and Associated Press reported that 20 jihadists in a local militia took advantage of anger generated by an internet video and launched an organized attack that killed two Americans, (between the hours of 9:30 and 11:30 p.m.), including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. During another attack at 4 a.m., two Navy SEALs were also killed.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta asserted that forces are not just deployed into harm’s way without adequate knowledge of what is happening, and that Gen. Carter Ham, Dempsey, and he decided not to risk forces in an unknown situation. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., also admitted that insufficient time existed to receive large military support, which Fox News claimed should have come from a spectre gunship based 480 miles away.

The Telegram writer claimed that, although 13 attacks happened against U.S. consulates during Bush’s two terms, “there were no previous warnings,” about them. But our largest terrorist attack took place under Bush’s watch and included the deaths of about 3,000 innocent civilians at the World Trade Center — even though there were plenty of warnings in advance that should have been minded by U.S. intelligence forces. Two of the hijackers actually took flying lessons in preparation, and after such monumental incompetence, Bush decided to attack a country having nothing to do with al-Qaida, while maintaining rosy relations with Saudi Arabia where 15 of the 19 skyjackers came from.

But, instead of buying into the often circulated conspiracy theory that Bush helped terrorists scheme to attack the Twin Towers, I refuse to believe any president would willfully sabotage the financial center of America just to gain a political image as a hero. However, the unfounded allegations about Obama deliberately ignoring the embassy attacks in Benghazi nonetheless remain the right’s favorite, yet-to-be proven and overhyped conspiracy theory — self-righteous indeed.