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Postal closures bad for business

On behalf of all the residents in the Twin Ports Metropolitan Area, I am writing to express our deep concern regarding the possible closure of the West Duluth, Civic Center, and Lakeside post office locations in our sister city of Duluth. Such a decision will have dramatic and long-lasting negative impacts on the entire region.

Most residents are without ready access to a post office. The intended closures will only make service delivery and service availability even more difficult and compromise public accessibility.

We believe that such closures will also have a ripple effect and perhaps allow further closures of other post offices, elimination of jobs and create an adverse effect on the business, commercial and industrial community.

Allow me to be very clear on this one measure. It is a proven fact that, to be successful and grow, businesses and industries rely on an efficient, reliable and prompt delivery and receipt of communications and product. Anyone in the field of economic development will verify that this service is a prominent consideration with all businesses when determining location to do business or expand. Communities have lost existing businesses and have not been able to attract new businesses or jobs due to this very fact. Time is of essence in saving and growing market share. The very thought of these and other closures will be a business and job killer.

We all urge you to take the time to re-evaluate any discussion of such closure and open the dialogue with businesses and residents of our communities. Once the decision moves forward without full economic review, the damage will be permanent, with a downward spiraling effect to every family, business and industry in the Twin Ports. We cannot afford to lose any more jobs.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you personally. Thank you for your consideration.