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Police auxiliary provides for safe city, events

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend publicly my appreciation to the members of the Superior Police Department Auxiliary Unit. The Police Auxiliary has provided important and professional service to this community and to the Superior Police Department since the unit’s inception in 1957.

The members of the Superior Police Department Auxiliary Unit have volunteered to provide a police presence and traffic control this year at the dragon boats, Head of Lakes Fair, Tower Avenue grand reopening, 4th of July celebration, Halloween Patrol, high school and university graduation ceremonies, high school prom, high school football games, numerous 5-K and other community events, Bayside Sounds, and distribution of informational flyers concerning sex offender notifications.

These are just the events that come immediately to my mind and I’m sure the list is not complete. They have provided these services out of a spirit of providing a service to this community and have done so without collecting a dollar of compensation. The auxiliary members have stood for hours in the hot sun and wind-driven rain. They place themselves at risk by standing in close proximity to traffic. This letter cannot adequately express my gratitude for what they provide.

The Superior Auxiliary includes Capt. Albert Miller, Sgt. Tom Cannon, Sgt. Susan Grandahl, Sgt. Kathleen Otto, Sgt. Dawn Priem, Tamara O’Brien, Earl McKenzie, Virginia Alger, Richard Cowan, Nicholas Nelson, Tony Schroeder, Timothy Semborski, Joseph Luder, Joe Pearson, Aaron Gram and Nate Smith.