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Plaza Super One will be missed

It is with some sadness, that I am writing this letter.

A mainstay in my life and many others will be closing its doors on April 12.

The Belknap Plaza Super One will be no more. I realize that two small stores will close and combine to become one large super store in the East End.

The loss to the community here is a smaller store, easy to navigate by the elderly, and convenient for UWS students, and the locals and folks with transportation issues.

Say goodbye to bagged groceries and carryout service.

I have shopped at this store most every day and sometimes as much as three times a day (I forget things) for almost 20 years. Of course, it was Jubilee Foods for a few years also.

I wish the employees of Belknap Super One the best and hope they will be transferred to the East End store with retained seniority and hours. You will be missed.

In closing I just want to say. “Thank you, thank you very much.”