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Pendzimas, Lindbeck double winners at Watercross Shootout

Joe Swanson, of Ely, comes almost completely out of the water during one of his heats in the Semi Pro Open class at the Superior Watercross Shootout along Barker’s Island in Superior on Sunday afternoon. Swanson finished sixth in the class. (Jed Carlson/

Superior Telegram

Eight champions were crowned over the weekend at the second annual Benna Ford Roush Superior Watercross Shootout at Barker’s Island Inn.

Locally, Superior’s Mike Simmons was the Semi Pro Open division winner. Simmons also finished fifth in Mod Drags and seventh in Pro Stock.

Blake Pendzimas, Isanti, Minn., and Dale Lindbeck, Chisago Lakes, Minn., were double winners, while other single winners were Ryan Erickson, David Fischer and Gina Lamb.

Pendzimas’ wins came in the 800 Drags Division and Semi Pro Stock, and Lindbeck won the Pro Open and Pro Stock divisions.

Erickson of Stacy, Minn., won the 600 Drags; David Fischer, Eagan, Minn., won the Mod Drags; Simmons, Superior, won the Semi Pro Open; and Gina Lamb, Isanti, Minn., won the Women’s 800 Oval.

International Watercross Association

Aug. 16-17 Barker’s Island

600 Drags

1 Ryan Erickson, Stacy, Minn.; 2 Autumn Pendegayosh, Nevis, Minn.

800 Drags

1 Blake Pendzimas, Isanti, Minn.; 2 Krista Maki-Zurn, Downing, Wis.; 3 Matthew Findley, Clayton; 4 Rachel O’Brien, Luck; 5 Cassandra Swanson, Ely; 6 Krystle Kulenkamp, St. Paul; 7 Warren Burger, Lakeland, Minn.; 8 Ted Sperling, Danbury; 9 Mindy Zappa, Cumberland; 10 Jeff Zappa, Cumberland.

Mod Drags

1 David Fischer, Eagan, Minn.; 2 Ryan Keith, Siren; 3 Aaron Lundeen, Maple Grove, Minn.; 4 Matt Prusak, Salol, Minn.; 5 Mike Simmons, Superior; 6 Bobby Penders, Mahtomedi, Minn.; 7 Mann Nordin, Maple Plain, Minn.; 8 Jerry Tongen Jr., Princeton, Minn.

Pro Open

1 Dale Lindbeck, Chisago City; 2 Brian McCurdy Jr., Lindstrom, Minn.; 3 Shawn Zurn, Downing, Wis.; 4 Jason McPheeters, Zimmerman, Minn.; 5 D5avid Fischer, Eagan, Minn.; 6 Joe Schellbach, Rush City, Minn.; 7 Bobby Penders, Mahtomedi, Minn.; 8 Matt Ledin, Osceola; 9 Ryan Keith, Siren; 10 Jeff Fischer, Eagan, Minn.; 11 Kyle Carpenter, Stacy, Minn.; 12 Clint Fjosne, Willow River; 13 Nick Gustafson, Roseau; 14 Travis Audorff, Chippewa Falls; 15 Joey Strub, Oak Park Heights, Minn.

Pro Stock

1 Dale Lindbeck, Chisago City, Minn.; 2 Derek McPheeters, Isanti, Minn.; 3 David Fischer, Eagan, Minn.; 4 Cody Engstrand, Luck; 5 Matt Ledin, Osceola; 6 Trevor Fjosne, Willow River, Minn.; 7 Mike Simmons, Superior; 8 Eddie Zupancich, Babbitt, Minn.; 9 Chris Erzar, Ely; 10 Mann Nordin, Maple Plain, Minn.; 11 Kyle Carpenter, Stacy, Minn.; 12 Travis Audorff, Chippewa Falls.

Semi Pro Open

1 Mike Simmons, Superior; 2 Cody Engstrand, Luck; 3 Cole Engstrand, Luck; 4 Dan Roth, Chaska, Minn.; 5 Trevor Fjosne, Willow River, Minn.; 6 Joe Swanson, Ely; 7 Brandon Kulenkamp, Pine City, Minn.; 8 Aaron Vowles, Albany, Minn.; 9 Austin McCurdy, Lindstrom, Minn.; 10 Aaron Godeen, Isanti, Minn.; 11 Kyle Lakner, Ely; 12 Eric Keith, Siren; 13 Jake Neurer, Cumberland; 14 Dale Schellbach, St. Paul; 15 Mike Rowley, Grand Forks, ND; 16 Rachel O’Brien, Luck; 17 Jerry Tongen Jr., Princeton, Minn.; 18 Lance Gravelle, Stacy, Minn.; 19 Matt Prusak, Salol, Minn.

Semi Pro Stock

1 Blake Pendzimas, Isanti; 2 Tyler Bethke, Star Prairie; 3 Joe Webb, Osceola; 4 Austin Holdt, Luck; 5 Brett Holdt, Frederic; 6 Adam Johnsen, Askov, Minn.; 7 Jason Mohr, Alexandria, Minn.; 8 Brian Kormanik, Litchfield, Minn.; 9 Warren Burger, Lakeland, Minn.; 10 Gina Lamb, Isanti, Minn.; 11 Kael Richards, Ely; 12 Joshua Smith, Hastings, Minn.; 13 Jake Neurer, Cumberland; 14 Rachel O’Brien, Luck; 15 Mindy Zappa, Cumberland; 16 Jeff Zappa, Cumberland; 17. Matthew Findley, Clayton; 18 Justin Mackedanz, Melrose, Minn.

Women 800 Oval

1 Gina Lamb, Isanti, Minn.; 2 Cassandra Swanson, Ely; 3 Rachel O’Brien, Luck; 4 Mindy Zappa, Cumberland; 5 Krista Maki-Zurn, Downing, Wis.