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Parents, players make team great

­­­We coaches of the Cal Ripken Jr. League Athletics extend our appreciation to the players and the parents of this year’s team. All 13 players were enthusiastic, eager and willing to learn, while their parents were supportive and encouraging. We thank the efforts of everyone involved with the team’s success.

Members of the Athletics included the following: Cameron “Bucky” Buck, Codie “Codester” Routley, Jayden “Singleton” Hoffman, Ross “Fright Train” Rivord, Kyle “Lefty” Kittleson, Myles “MT” Hartley, Curran “Star” Starry, Kell “Homer” Piggott, Hayden “Hey” Smith, Jack “Talls” Rivord, Noah “The Kid” Childs, Dominic “Striker” St. Germaine and Connor “Smalls” Krueger.

We wish the best of success to the players moving up to the next level next year, and we look forward to having the rest of the players back for the 2015 season.