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‘Pandering’ it is not to return state’s surplus

Since Wisconsin is experiencing a nearly $1 billion surplus, Gov. Scott Walker is touting income and property tax cuts. His words, “the additional revenue should be returned to taxpayers because it’s their money, and my administration will work with the Legislature to determine the most prudent course of action.”

That is pretty clear logic from a governor who was hired by the voters, not once but twice, to serve his first term and the voters of Wisconsin.

In a news release from his office, it is sad that Sen. Bob Jauch, D-Poplar, spins Walker’s logic as pandering to the public for votes. He obviously doesn’t mention anything about his pandering to special interest groups by fleeing the state to avoid his state Senate duties some time ago.

Jauch also shows his contempt for the voting taxpayers by inferring that returning the surplus to its rightful owners is “squandering a surplus.”