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Outsourcing offers no wins

My name is David L. Polaski, and I am a custodial roamer at the University of Wisconsin -Superior. I have worked at UWS for 4½ years. I am a veteran, having served two tours with the U.S. Marine Corps.

I have lived in the area most of my life. As a father of two vulnerable adults with special needs, if our jobs are outsourced, I would be forced to relocate for a job opportunity elsewhere because wages in this area are so low. We would not be able to meet our family’s standard of living on a lesser wage. I am the main provider for my disabled children who totally rely on my income for their support.

So please do not outsource the custodial and ground crews. The outcome will be devastating to the community. The tax loss, as well as the income that local businesses will lose through loss of customers, will affect everyone.

The custodial and ground crews watch out for faculty, staff, students and fellow employees on campus. So please don’t outsource our jobs, as this is a no-win situation for everyone — on and off campus.