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An open letter to the residents of Superior

I am only speaking for myself. I have read newspapers from all over our area and I have realized that I have failed to be a more active, concerned, involved member of our community. Our local, hometown newspaper should/could be exactly that – our newspaper. But we are responsible for helping that happen by contributing to the ‘paper.

You don’t have to be a “professional” writer to be able to tell a story, talk about an event that you attended, write about a neighbor that you saw do something nice for someone else. Have you attended a talk, a class, a play, a gathering of any kind recently? Share that with us. Do you have concerns about something in our community? Tell us about it, offer ideas of how we, as a community can address these concerns. Have you recently enjoyed the improvements to the Billings Park playground? Tell us about it. 

Are you a gardener? Have you seen improvements in your neighborhood? Is one of your children performing in a concert, or a play, locally? Tell us about it. You get my point.

Let’s all work together to help make our hometown newspaper a way that we can all know more about what is going on in our community, a means of communicating with our neighbors. 

Yes, I know that we are all too busy to add more to our “to do list,” but isn’t taking just a little bit of time to contribute to our community, to help us all feel more connected, more like neighbors, worth it?

Thank you.