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Officer assault not so superior

Only in Superior and the deep South can a person be severely beaten by a police officer, then face phony charges that could ruin a career. Only in Superior, or perhaps Florida, can a police officer who has sworn to “protect and serve” avoid charges by the District Attorney who “understands how the officer must feel.”

This is not so Superior to me.

The Natasha Lancour/George Gothner fiasco has far surpassed ridiculous. Now the district attorney wants to extend his argument to something that allegedly happened three hours before the assault and battery. Why?

Two charges were dropped; the state has investigated. (By the way, what were the results?) and Natasha Lancour has had to put her life on hold for something that happened to her on Jan. 5.

I have questions:

• What law was Natasha Lancour breaking when she was accosted by Officer George Gothner?

• What law was Gothner breaking when he grabbed Natasha by the hair and wrist and slammed her on the hood of the squad car, threw her to the ground and punched and beat her relentlessly with fists and knees? (There were witnesses.)

• Why have the state findings not been publicized? Is there something that the public should not see?

• Why is Natasha being investigated when Gothner was the aggressor?

• When will Gothner be charged for his behavior as seen on the videos?

• Why were the charges not dropped and purged from Natasha’s record on Jan. 6, the day after the assault?

• Why is Natasha being forced to go through this ordeal when she was the sole victim?

I am impatiently waiting for the answers to these questions. Superior cannot afford one “bad apple” on our community police force. Others may benefit from a wake-up call if this incident is handled appropriately.

Don’t let this atrocity fester any longer. It is not Superior behavior.