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'No Matter What' life turns around

The theme for this month’s Christian Women’s luncheon is “No Matter What.”

Mary Roelofs of Princeton, Minn., tells of losing her 12-year-old son to an auto accident and then a false accusation, which led to a short sentence in jail—all within a year’s time. Join us as Mary shares how a life turned upside down can lead to a life turned right side up — matter what. Roelofs and her husband raised six of their own children plus fostered over 300 children over the years.

The luncheon runs 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 17 at in the Michigan/Ontario Room at Barker’s Island Inn, 300 Marina Drive, Superior.

Advance reservations and cancellations are due today. Call Lois at 715-398-3175, or Betty at 218-727-5978.

The cost is $12 and includes the program, meal, tip and tax.