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More than meets the eye

Are you looking outside, seeing the vast amount of snow in the Northland and feeling the biting cold when you leave your front door? Does this apparent contradiction to predictions about global warming, persuade you to believe Fox News and Rush Limbaugh know more about global warming than dozens of award-winning scientists? If so, you should think again.

On Dec. 11, the US Congressional Committee on Science, Space and Technology held a hearing about the link between climate change and extreme weather events. Among testifying witnesses for Republicans was John Christy, one of few climate experts who think the human contribution to global warming is very small. But, Christy provided inaccurate testimony regarding even his own research, indicating that during the last 15 years global warming has not ceased, but rather, has increased by .21 degrees centigrade. And, while this represents a temporary slowing, it’s happening because our oceans are absorbing heat at lower depth levels. However, our climate warming will eventually accelerate again.

Using cold weather to justify climate change denial is problematic because weather is different than climate. It’s much harder to establish weather patterns consistently at local levels because of the many variables involved, but global warming trends are easier to establish with extensive records and research.

And remember that in Australia — another part of our global weather system — temperatures have recently reached 121 degrees Fahrenheit and have generally been very hot during 2013.

Increasingly, the jet stream is affected by oceanic heat increases, typical of the phenomenon called el-Niño. When heat at lower latitudes increases, cold air often rushes in from the north — thus producing the arctic blasts we recently experienced. However, warming trends will continue to rise worldwide.

Unfortunately, Fox News pundits like Rush Limbaugh — who have no scientific credentials at all — regularly deny it.

Even though those who run big oil companies obviously stand to gain by denying accurate information, and, could easily invest millions in green energy, they instead spread the vicious myth scientists and liberals invented manmade global warming to control future energy markets. But how many climate scientists have really become rich during the last 40 years?

If one just allows oneself to think, it’s obvious who really is pursuing great wealth and political control of our economy.