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Media portrays parties with bias

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is in the news again. I’d rather see Gov. Scott Walker or Sen. Rand Paul become president before Christie but I feel the need to put things in perspective.

Watergate was a scandal about a third rate burglary of a hotel room, yet it brought down a presidency. The mainstream media hammered on it every day for weeks.

Now we have the Fast and Furious scandal, IRS targeting scandal, NSA spying scandal, Benghazi cover-up scandal, and Christie’s orange cone scandal, which should be far down the list. Christie addressed it in an almost two-hour press briefing, fired those responsible — time to move on.

Democrats and the mainstream media are giving the orange cone scandal the Watergate treatment.

The other scandals were minimized because they involve the first black president.

No one died at Watergate, unlike the Fast and Furious gun scandal and Benghazi cover-up.

We have three more years of President Obama. How many more scandals will garner minimum attention and be tossed aside?