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Many lies surround health care affordability

A recent newspaper article discussed some of the back and forth concerning health care issues in the state of Wisconsin.

The inappropriately named Affordable Care Act, shoved down the unwilling throats of the American people by the now well-known mega lies repeated mega times by President Obama and his followers has become the disaster that was predicted. Now, even President Obama’s slavish followers along with the low- and ill-informed voters are finally seeing the light after even the mainstream media was forced to cover many of the truths concerning this disaster.

Redirecting, lying and insulting are some of the Saul Alinsky-like tactics of the left. I was not surprised to see Sen. Bob Jauch, D-Poplar, using the words Grinch and Scrooge in his comments in this article. He also states that what Gov. Scott Walker is doing is “sinful.” He obviously avoids calling his dear leader Obama’s years of prolific lying to the American people sinful.

Jauch is the same person, who, during the recall fever in Wisconsin said that Walker wanted to “destroy the UW system.” It was another asinine statement that further shows Jauch’s lack of credibility.