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Let’s start a new trend of caring at UW-Superior

I have been working for the University of Wisconsin-Superior for 16 years, making $12.50 an hour. The university is trying to outsource the custodial and grounds jobs on campus. We need to stand up, say “no” and fight for our jobs.

Custodians start out at the university making $11.28 or so and after 20 years of service, you are making $13. After 25 years, you are making $14, and you are capped at $15.

So truly, we are not breaking the piggy bank here and truly we are not the problem.

Say “no” to outsourcing of jobs and “yes” to fair-paying jobs, common sense, human compassion, staying strong.

What has administration sacrificed? Nothing yet, nor are they willing to even go there. What they have done was get a 12 percent raise — shame on them when we have a budget problem.

The answer isn’t taking more money while outsourcing the custodians and grounds to save money.

Eliminating our jobs will hurt the community tax base and businesses alike. We’re all putting our paychecks right back in the surrounding community.

Some administrators don’t even live in Wisconsin. They take their paychecks over to Minnesota and spending little here in our community.

Being a veteran, I’ve seen a lot of good leaders and the best lead by example. So, I am asking our chancellor and others in leadership at UWS and statewide to stop receiving pay raises or freeze them — or better yet, donate your raises in an employee trust fund for the working people. Chancellors are provided a housing allowance, are reimbursed food and travel expenses, and don’t pay for parking at work. This is all paid with taxpayers’ dollars.

I ask, as a little person, that maybe our leaders could start a new trend showing the community and campus that we can be strong, caring and an employee friendly campus.

Pitching in, giving back money in an employee trust fund for those who do so much for so little and taking pride in their work and jobs. What a world this would be if everyone pitched in a little and others with wealth or leadership roles would follow by example.

So, please, let’s put Superior on the map my showing community members we’ll be community strong, campus strong while looking out for future students and employees just by giving back a little to save a job. So please stand up with the custodians and grounds crews and say “no” to the outsourcing of our jobs. Let us keep UWS safe and clean and start a new trend by giving back.

Editor’s note: Chancellors are expected to use their residence to host campus-related functions such as receptions and dinners, and donor visits.