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Let’s make shelter happen

I am writing an open letter to our mayor, his staff, our Council members, the media, and our fabulous citizens, to thank them for a job well done with moving forward with our animal shelter.

With that, a public apology is in order if things got out of hand during this passionate debate; it’s a subject that touches the very core of our humanity, and that is providing for those we are morally obligated to care for and protect.

This, as with any subject where lives of innocents hang in the balance, gives rise to a people’s desire to right wrongs, protect those with no voice and make changes for the betterment of these voiceless beings.

I spoke with our mayor after the debate, and we have again, I believe, regained our footing, joined forces and together, with his promised commitment to push this project forward, I am more than proud to say we as a people made this happen.

I want to personally thank all of the dedicated citizens who backed this worthwhile cause. You made it happen, not any one person. You made your voices heard and have every right to be so proud of yourselves, as I am.

Now the real work begins. Let’s keep this momentum going. SAV will be meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Superior Public Library to get volunteer groups and leaders for a boots-on-the-ground fundraiser ideas. Please plan to attend and let’s get this show on the road.

With our mayor 100 percent on board to make this animal shelter a reality, with the wonderful people of the news media getting the facts out to the public in the professional way that they did, with our fabulous citizens backing this project, with numerous council members, some who have worked on this project for six long years backing and supporting us, we again, as a community have lived up to our name, Superior.