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Keep it simple government

After prayerful consideration it has become obvious to me that, as our state and local governments find it necessary to create more new laws to protect the growing population from fraud of all types — our society as a whole would benefit greatly from simplifying the language of these laws, policies, forms and procedures.

Example No. 1: It would be difficult to find someone in this society who finds the Federal IRS forms easy to understand. The consequences of this lack of understanding are unintentional mistakes, frustration and a feeling of distrust that someone is manipulating the system for their own benefit.

Example No 2: It would be difficult to find someone who has purchased a house or refinanced a house who has found the process clear and understandable. Now wouldn’t you think that something as important your family’s future as the 30-year contract on your home should at least be understandable? Yet to find someone who is willing to explain the excessively complicated language clearly to you will not be easy. Most of the time, your Realtor will just read the state-approve contract language to you repeatedly until you decide what it means to you, for fear that he or she may misinterpret it and be held responsible. Please don’t be upset with them, that is what I was trained to do. That’s our system.

This legal language, we have all come to accept as necessary may not be. Consider, if you would, that rather than have our lawyers draw up the final draft of these laws, policies, forms, procedures, the final draft responsibilities should be turned over to the English department or the department of journalism at a local college. Certainly, a professional approach to simplification and clarity would seem appropriate and could eliminate unnecessary ambiguities and loop holes; and increasing everyone’s trust in our state and local governments.

Just a thought, God bless.