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History holds parallels with theocracy

“It is a big miracle that I have not given up all my expectations (hopes), because they seem ridiculous (absurd) and unfeasible. However, I still cling to them, because, in spite of everything, I still believe that people (human beings) are good inside (at heart). It is simply impossible for me to build up everything on the basis of death, misery and confusion. I see how the world is gradually being turned into a desert, I hear louder and louder the ever-approaching thunder, which will destroy us, I feel the suffering of millions and, yet, when I look up to heaven, I think that everything will be alright again, that this cruelty will also stop, that tranquility and peace will return again in the world (order). In the meantime, I must keep my ideas high and dry, in time to come they can perhaps still be realized.”

I discovered this translation of 15-year-old Anne Frank, when responding to a post by an author who wrote about the incredible number of Dutch Jews that were horrifically slaughtered by the Nazi’s during World War II, and about the many brave Dutch people who help a large number of them escape Hitler’s clutches.

There are parallels between the cruel reality faced by Frank, and the brutal political climate in national and world politics today —corporations aligned with the political process are creating ever increasing disparity between the haves and have nots, real people needing health care insurance to save the real lives of themselves and their loved ones, are rebuffed as lazy members of the 47 percent, content to sit back and leach off of the state, while politicians seeking to help them are accused of being Nazi’s. Those desiring theocratic government cannot empathize with those whom they would marginalize. Politicians base their candidacies on lies and misinformation, many taking those lies to absurd and bizarre extremes while decades of consistently accurate climate science warns us about impending catastrophe, yet deniers knowing little about science think we would should listen to them, rather than learned PhD’s who have dedicated their lives to this work.

Generally speaking, the voices of those who warn about the Anti-Christ, cannot see his reflection in their own mirrors. And, we can only hope that young and beautiful Anne Frank, was correct when hoping that, eventually real love, peace and tranquility, will overcome.