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Help sustain wolves; get involved

Wisconsin’s wolves and climate have at least one thing in common — 350.

Why 350 wolves? Is it because it’s halfway between 200 and 500? Not at all — a Wisconsin biologist explained it simply, “350 was the point at which wolves could be removed from “life support” during recovery.

The last three years that number of 350 wolves has been falsely represented by one individual, backed by interests invested in killing the wolf, and brought forth to 20 counties across northern Wisconsin in the form of a resolution supporting a maximum of 350 wolves.

Upon research, this boilerplate resolution was most often moved quickly through committee and rubber-stamped by a county board with no public input from county residents.

These boards did not represent the diverse opinion of their communities nor did they search out factual information to drive their vote. These county resolutions are now used as propaganda by our very own DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp.

So what does climate have to do with 350? Well, 350 ppm of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is referred to by some as the “tipping point” or upper limit where there is no reversal or recovery.

Do we want wolves at the “tipping point”? What is life like for humans or animals living on the verge of life support? That’s no place for human or animal. Support a healthy, sustainable population of gray wolves. Participate in social surveys coming out soon; contact your Natural Resources Board, legislators and DNR.