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Hayward artists featured in Washburn exhibit

Hayward area artists are the feature show at the Washburn Cultural Center in Washburn, Wis., starting Sunday.

Artists Deanna Persson, Catherine Sebek and Don Gahr exhibit ‘recent work.’

Each artist has a distinct style and ways of using a variety of materials. The commonality in their artwork is that each piece is an adventure that demands the viewer spend time to appreciate the work.

Persson is known as a mixed media artist — often working in a square format on both canvas and paper. Her work is abstract, using acrylics, watercolors, found objects, handmade papers, pencil and anything that works. Her work is done on canvases as small as 5-by-5 inches up to 36-by-36 inches.

Sebek is known for her rich pastels that depict area vistas and experiences. Her work is luminous and full of subtle color that draws the viewer in. Her recent pastel work focuses on color and the effect of changing pallet and hue for similar scenes. She also shows a series of block prints, enhanced with watercolor. Sebek is also a stained glass artist and will have a series of windows that contain similar elements presented in varying coloration and configuration. She is commissioned for glasswork for private homes and businesses.

Gahr works with wood and oil paints. He sees an unaltered piece of wood and his creativity begins to take form. His work is stylized to abstract — not only does he paint his surfaces, but he carves and etches the wood. His work demands that you keeping looking and finding hidden treasures. He is known for soaring cranes and free-standing forest creatures as well tables etched and painted with his unique sense of design. Gahr is represented by the Thomas Berry Gallery and Hushcha Studios in Minneapolis.

The show “Recent Work” runs through June 30 at the Washburn Cultural Center, 1 E. Bayfield St., Washburn.

The public is invited to the gallery opening reception 2-5 p.m. June 7. Other work by these artists may be seen at Art Beat of Hayward.

For information, call 715-934-2780.