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Grateful for help after accident

On July 28, I got into a car accident. As my puppy was crawling down by my feet, I leaned over to the right to grab him out from under my feet and next thing I know, I am in a ditch going about 45 miles per hour on County Road K.

Next thing I realize is I am hitting the end of the ditch on Webb Road and found myself in my car as it was lying on its passenger side. I made sure I could function. I proceeded to find my dog Remy. He was OK.

I want to thank the man who pulled my dog and me out of my car very much. As I tried to push the driver’s side door open, I was too short to follow through. That man saved me, and the car, from falling onto its tires and causing injuries.

I also want to thank the woman who gave me the leash for my dog. I had no intention of taking it home with me, it just sort of happened as I was in shock from the accident. I would love to return the leash to you. You can contact me on my cell phone at 218-169-9610.

I would also like to thank the Parkland Fire Department for coming right away and to the sheriff and ambulance, even though I refused a ride to the hospital. God must have been watching over me during my accident as I am very lucky I only came out with a burn on my neck from my seat belt.

Thank you to all that came to the scene and helped me. It is greatly appreciated.