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GOP not alone in outrage over Benghazi

I read with great interest  two letters in the June 10 edition of the Telegram. The second article, “Fair elections on the line” dealt with illegal voting registration in many areas, especially in big cities. It was right on.

The first article “Benghazi doesn’t stand alone” focused on attacks against U.S. consulates. There were 13 attacks to our different consulates under President Bush — one was attacked three times. After the second attack, there should have been more security provided.

Unlike Benghazi, there were no previous warnings on these attacks.

Now refer to Benghazi: Early warnings were given in April and June as the British and Red Cross pulled out. The four men killed gave warnings hours before it happened. The terrorists had trained nearby long before the attack occurred in this area.

Where were our president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton where security was concerned?

Where was the president that night. The next morning he talked about terrorists but not by name. He flew to Las Vegas for a campaign speech the next day.

Susan Rice gave false statements about Benghazi the next day on Sunday talk shows.

Also days after it happened, Hillary Clinton said four guys decided to take a walk and burn a building so what’s the difference.

Jets in Italy could have made it there in 15 minutes. Marines on a Navy ship nearby could have made it in 30 minutes.

At the end of the article, the writer said: “Makes you wonder why the GOP is so self-righteous about Benghazi.”

I guess independents and clear-thinking Democrat friends of mine are all self-righteous about Benghazi.