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Good call but wrong reason

It seems the Packers have a bit more integrity than the Superior Superintendent of Schools. According to the article in the April 1 Telegram, Stevens and the school board reconsidered their original decision on the tailgate party only “after the Packers had expressed concern,” not that it was the right thing to do as expressed by several Superior parents in letters to the editor.

It’s so sad to see people in authoritative positions doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons. Even after they’ve been educated and given insight on the situation, it’s even sadder to see them do the right thing for the wrong reason. Maybe Sue Hagen LePage’s interview should have been printed on the front page, not on Page A3, so readers could really understand the new decision was not based on the belief that it is wrong to send mixed-messages to our youth by calling a campus drug-and-alcohol-free and by demonstrating the opposite, but to protect the Packers from looking like the bad guys or interfering with the desired result of a successful fundraiser due to conflicting values.

You have to look deep in this world to find truth and integrity, because it often masquerades on a very superficial level. My decision on that to do on Thursday evening, April 17, will be easy. I’ll be going to one of the many Maundy Thursday church services during Holy Week, celebrating the Lord’s supper, choosing to support truth and integrity, not power and money. I am grateful to be just a visitor here and not a Superior resident.

In my hometown, the schools and churches even worked together in scheduling events so as not to interfere with each other’s agendas.