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Faith in Duffy misplaced

I wish to apologize to all veterans in the area for Congressman Sean Duffy’s vote on the new congressional budget agreement. I feel responsible to you, my fellow veterans, who had their pensions cut as a result of his vote.

Why you ask?

Four years ago, I worked to get this man elected. I was misguided, thinking he would do the right thing in terms of paying down our debt, bringing jobs to our area, and do right by our military men and women. But I was wrong.

He turned out to be another pretty face, a reality TV it’s-all-about-me Kardashian wannabe.

Oh he looks good on MSNBC, bantering back and forth with Mishka and Joe about how she (Mishka) is part of the problem, but that his liberal mother loves her.

It makes for good copy when he implies to Joe that those of us who are true conservatives, and support Tea Party principles, can come across as abrasive, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

If you will say anything to get elected, you will do anything to stay in power.

What a sellout — vote for a bill that retains benefits for illegal aliens, but men and women who have given their lives and limbs in defense of this nation must now suck the hind teat of the government because of the likes of you.

I would suggest Congressman Duffy take a walk through Arlington National Cemetery, past the World War II Memorial, and down past the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

When that is done, take a walk through Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, especially the rehabilitation unit.

I don’t believe Congressman Duffy could walk a mile in their boots.

In 2011, at a town hall meeting in Amery, Wis. you complained about the hardships of living on a congressman’s pay of $173,000 per year. Yet you vote to cut the pensions of our military.

To paraphrase Edward R. Morrow’s words to Sen. Joe McCarthy in 1954: Have you no sense of decency sir?

I will continue to be an “abrasive, knuckle-dragging Neanderthal.”

I will keep faith with my fellow band of brother veterans, and we will remember your name at the ballot box we fought to protect.