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Duffy’s bureau rant lacks transparency

Considering U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy’s participation in Tea Party tactics, it is expected to hear him attribute scandalous activities to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Allegations. He said the agency — created to defend consumer rights — is “out of control,” “covering up a racist and sexist work environment” and “bilking taxpayers for lavish expenses.”

They are reminiscent of the so-called “death panels” claims against Obamacare. More than that, they’re particularly brazen since most economists and ordinary citizens are now aware of the financial deceit from companies deemed too big to fail, that really “bilked” numerous citizens out of their 401K savings, jobs and homes.

The idea that someone like Duffy, ideologically prone to Tea Party attitudes favoring unlimited, unregulated capitalism, is making a noble statement about his pure desire to promote “transparency,” in government agencies is laughable and ironic.

The CFPB was formed to give ordinary people protection from corporate criminals with questionable ethics. Its current director, Richard Cordray, waited more than a year — much longer than usual — to be confirmed, even though he was respected by many Democrats and Republicans in Congress. He didn’t lack votes. Republicans blocked his confirmation proceedings from taking place. Their wish to turn the bureau into a “commission” controlled by Congress, is absurd since lobbyists for big businesses can easily manipulate members of Congress. They can vote against those regulations that might possess any real powers to reform. And, the prior role of the Securities Exchange Commission was one of subservience — responding to political pressures from powerful Congressmen who rendered virtually any meaningful regulations it suggested, ineffectual.

Is Duffy now comparing the CFPB to the National Security Agency because it has been pivotal in protecting consumers from unfair charges and the debt magnifying rules promoted by credit card issuers, while he distorts political issues, and, fills voters with dread about agencies that, in actuality, are working to defend them?

Our too-big-to-fail establishment spends a million dollars daily, fighting unwanted regulations alongside Duffy, who uses his skills at deception to frighten his constituency into unwittingly voting against their own interests.

Like tap water, glasses, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Duffy does better if transparent. He has long revealed anything but concerning his own political intentions.