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Duffy delivers as expected

I totally agree with the former Army Ranger who wrote “Faith in Duffy misplaced” published Jan. 3.

My question to him and all the other people who supported or still support Congressman Sean Duffy is what did you expect?

This man voted to shut the government down. One result of that is veterans’ benefits and social security payments would stop. Most of the people receiving those payments have no other income.

Duffy basically is throwing them out into the cold.

Since this is the Christmas season I suggest people watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The banker in the movie is a good representation of Congressman Duffy and people like him. They have no respect for anything, except the wealthy.

My other question to the ranger is that there are all kinds of people who suffer at different times with cuts to programs. Where were you when that happens? Is it only when your specific cause takes a hit that it’s important?