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Don’t leave pets out in the cold

Please take care of your pets when you let them outside to do their business. Stay outside with them until they are done, otherwise put them on a short chain that is hooked up at the door for five minutes. When you take them out longer than that, bundle them up, no longer then ten minutes. Please.

If you put the roles in reverse, you would not want to be left outside in the cold. You get dogs or cats for companionship. Think about if you can take care of them in the winter, if not, get some fish or a stuffed animal.

Dogs and cats are like family. They live with you 24 hours a day, 365 day a year. I have three dogs and I treat them as my children. I love them and care for them. They are my companions and one is also our protector. Please take good care of them. They need our love and attention just like we need theirs. So don’t abuse your four legged children.

I don’t know how else to get the point across. They may have fur but they still freeze real quick. I could go on and on about our four-legged family members. So please I beg of you, please take care of them. It hurts me when I drive in town and see all size dogs outside freezing. They are barking at the door waiting to get in. It could be you outside barking to come in. They won’t let you.

God has made every equal please do your part. If I could I would stop by and bring them in. But I would probably get someone saying “mind your own business.” They are my business, so to speak. Please bring them in or they could die.