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Criticism is Republican lie

Recently the press published a number of articles concerning the idea that the ACA will hopelessly drive up premiums and deductibles for consumers — many articles about the impact of the ACA, including commentary, like one story published last month in the Duluth News Tribune and Superior Telegram.

It uses figures showing huge increases for many customers. But this article added, almost as an afterthought — that estimated costs assumed no one smoked and no one received subsidies.

Well excuse me. The subsidies that come with new health care insurance are a pivotal feature of the ACA, and almost all low-income people will see less cost when subsidies are applied — sometimes large reductions. Minimizing this, is like saying many fish are dying, but adding this assumes none of those fish lives in water.

As far as security concerns about the new law, there is no doubt the government’s website has experienced many technical flaws, but Eric Cantor’s claim the administration tried to hide problems —“limitless” security problems — even before the website’s launch — is a lie.

Tony Trenkle, who at the time of the sites launch, was the chief information officer at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services, and responsible for building a secure website for the ACA’s federal health exchange, clarified in a memo that he had authorized the website to “operate in its current environment and configuration until Aug. 31, 2014.” When Trenkle mentioned “the threat and risk potential is limitless,” he was not referring to the website’s Oct 1 launch date, but rather, addressing probable needs after the Aug. 31 date in 2014.

Congratulations for the GOPs latest lie — made amidst a self-righteous flurry of criticism condemning Obama’s lie. I guess they really want us to believe the president and those who designed and built the site deliberately hid the fact that it contained serious and immanent problems with security issues. How would anyone ever find out? (Sarcasm intended.) Ya think. Obama may be a controversial leader but he is not stupid enough to authorize a site launching, including massive security gaps. Correcting things genuinely caught the administration off guard, are difficult enough to repair. Do you think he really would have tried to float that one by?

Probably not.