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Council must keep promise to animals

Here we go again. Let’s spend thousands of dollars on a worthwhile project during the planning stage and then throw it all to the wind.

According to the Superior Telegram article on Friday by Shelley Nelson:

“In November 2011, the City Council approved bonding $2.6 million for a new animal shelter. After a transfer to the city’s Capital Improvement Program and expenses related to planning the shelter, just less than $2.2 million remains of that bond.”

“Superior Finance Director Jean Vito said the money remains designated for an animal shelter. However, the council has options. She said the council could leave the money designated for an animal shelter or could redesignate it to pay for other projects in the city.”

Whoa! Could redesignate it to pay for other projects in the city? Is that why we no longer have an animal shelter on the table? What Capital Improvement Program project did part of that money go to? More importantly, what other project(s) does the Mayor and City Council plan to use this money on?

This shelter is critical to this city. More importantly, it is extremely critical for all the animals that become strays or abandoned in our city. We have been lied to and boondoggled by our city leaders long enough.

The money is there — spend it on what it was intended for.

The longer this goes on, the more I am convinced that Mayor Bruce Hagen and certain members of our City Council would be perfectly content if every stray or abandoned animal in the city was placed in a burlap sack with a rock, and thrown in the river. We do not need that kind of lack of empathy for these poor animals. We need leaders who care about these animals as if they were their own.

As citizens of Superior, we must demand the city builds a suitable shelter for its stray and abandoned animals — or we need to demand that those responsible for this step aside and allow us to elect leaders who will.