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Communities loose two gems

In our small community of Solon Springs, Bennett and surrounding areas, we have recently lost two very special women who are widely known and deeply loved by all who knew them. They were the heart of us and we are hurting.

Kay Karras and Jo Stewart were both extremely talented writers and humorists. At the same time, they each had depth and insight that touched many souls in this rural area. They reached out in caring ways to everyone they met, showed true interest in who we were and what we had to say and think. They held much wisdom as they taught us things about life and how to live it.

A void will remain where they once were in our lives in their strong, joyful characters. Their spirits will live on in our hearts long after they have gone. We miss them already. Their writings will live on in our minds as we shared their words in our local St. Croix Writer’s Group and hopefully they will be shared beyond those doors.

Jo had many things she had planned to do with her writing at age 85. She wrote stories to share with family and others. As she would often suggest her book title, “What’s So Funny About Life? Practically Everything.” She wanted nothing more than to bring more joy into the world, which she did. Kay’s treasured book, “Bits of Birch” is available locally. Kay was 95. So we say farewell to two bright lights of this long, cold winter … until we by faith meet again. Kay and Jo will always be loved and never forgotten.

Yesterday several people gathered on Main Street in Jo’s honor to laugh, where: “Those who laugh, last.” Anyone is welcome 10-10:15 a.m. Thursdays Jo’s laughing Group.