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Children deserve our compassion

The ethos of the United States has reached a new low with the zeal of many in the government and society to deport children back to countries where it is highly likely that many of them will not survive. The brutality of drug traffickers, who supply America’s unending appetite for illegal drugs, makes it impossible for these children to grow up in a safe environment. Laws passed during the Bush administration provide refugees a chance for due process to decide whether or not they are eligible for asylum in this country. Simply deporting them is not only immoral, it is illegal.

Unfortunately, those who sow fear and hatred in this country have labeled these children as “dirty,” “disease carriers” and “potential terrorists,” etc.

Really, are we now supposed to be afraid of children? Facism is defined as “a political theory advocating an authoritarian, hierarchical government as opposed to democracy and liberalism.”

Fear tactics are used so that citizens are willing to give up freedom and privacy for protection from “the other,” i.e., Muslims, the poor, terrorists, minorities, Communists, Jews, etc. This trend has now reached the absurd notion that we need to send children to their deaths rather than practice compassion and Christian charity.