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Candidate asks for your vote

My name is Sheila Keup. I am asking for your consideration as I run for Superior’s school board. Having experience within the school system, in business and the community, I offer fresh perspective.

I was born Sheila Stalvig and raised in rural Douglas County. My history with the Superior school district started as a student, then as a parent, then as a classroom aide and finally a bus driver.

I was an active member of AFSCME Local 1397 representing the drivers as a steward for several years. My family owned and operated Bay Front Carriages in the Duluth/Superior area for many years.

I am working as a local insurance agent, and I manage the Humane Society of Douglas County facility.

My son attended Four Corners Elementary School. I have fond memories of his years there, and it’s where I started assisting in classrooms. I then took an opportunity to become a district bus driver. What a ride.

Although challenging at times, and not for the faint of heart, I loved it. I very much enjoyed the kids and was proud to be part of a superb team.

My decision to run for school board stems from my experiences as a district employee. As you may know — or maybe not — changes in Wisconsin law have had an effect on public workers that were dramatic. It is my belief the community might be better served with one or more board members who are in tune with the staff in our district. District staff should have a voice in the workplace. They are the very people who are in contact with your children every day. I believe it would be beneficial for all to improve board and staff communication.

If elected, I hope to work with teachers and support staff regarding the future of our school district.

After all, think back to your own school days and what comes to mind? Is it the walls that surrounded you, or is it the people who influenced you? We all want what is best for the children. I just want to be sure our priorities are straight.

Every child in our district deserves the best we have to offer. My goal is to help make sure they get it.