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Blatant GOP rhetoric

In response to “Burke: ‘Ends justifies means’” published in the Feb. 20 Telegram.

The writer is all wound up about the Democratic candidate for Wisconsin Governor’s opposition to the voter suppression law.

I give the writer credit. He didn’t use the phony excuse the GOP was using for a while about new voter ID laws — it prevents voter fraud.

Ever since the Pennsylvania House Majority leader let the cat out of bag when he said voter ID, which would allow Gov. Mitt Romney to win Pennsylvania was a done deal. Obviously, the GOP thinks they can keep some Democratic voters from voting, which is to their benefit.

The letter writer states Burke didn’t give any examples of eligible voters being turned away from polling places.

I guess she is supposed too play by a different standard than the writer, since he didn’t give any examples of why the law was needed. Then the writer tries, in his mind, to associate Mary Burke with Saul Alinsky — the writer’s take on Alinsky. The only problem with that is when the writer used the saying “the ends justify the means” that saying in this context means to me the GOP and its supporters will do and say anything to stay in power.