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Bellefuille, Lawrence and Kingsley AMSOIL Speedway winner

By Jerry O'Brien

For The Telegram

Jody Bellefeuille was the high side hustler, Scott Lawrence returned to form and Dan Kingsley broke the Estey strangle hold on the Midwest Modified division Friday night at AMSOIL Speedway. Don Shaw made another trip from Ham Lake, MN and won again, this time with the Late Model and Dustin Follett tightened his hold on the Pure Stock class with his third straight feature win. All of this occurred on a rare 80 degree day in Superior.

The crowd was good and the car count continues to edge upward each week up six with 86 cars in competition.


Friday, June 6

WISSOTA Late Model (10 cars)

Feature (25 laps):  Don Shaw, Ham Lake; Kyle Peterlin, Hibbing; Darrell Nelson, Hermantown, Harry Hanson, Eveleth; Tim McMann, Duluth; Gregg Hill, Eveleth; Trevor Wilson, Superior; Aaron Lillo, Proctor; Cory Jorgenson, Hermantown. DNF: Scott Herrick, Proctor.

Heat 1 (8 laps): Peterlin; Hanson; Herrick; Wilson; Jorgenson.

Heat 2 (8 laps): Nelson; McMann; Shaw; Lillo.

WISSOTA Modified (23cars)

Feature (20 laps): Jody Bellefeuille, Duluth; Darrell Nelson, Hermantown; Don Shaw, Ham Lake; Matt Leer, Bruce; Kelly Estey, Kelly Lake; Al Uotinen, Superior; Kevin Eder, Ashland; Rick Rivord, Superior; Neil Balduc, Bessemer; Deven VanHouse, Silver Bay; Destin Lorimor, Superior; Cory Sersha, Eveleth; E. J. Hietala, Cloquet; Brian Mikkonen, Iron River; Cody Wolkowski, Thunder Bay; Josh Beaulieu, Bemidji; Cory Jorgenson, Hermantown; Scott Heikkinen, Eveleth; Jeffery Wood, Chisholm. DNF: Pat Cook, Washburn; Landon Atkinson, Little Falls. DNS: Donnie Lofdahl, Cloquet.

Heat 1 (8 laps): Bellefeuille; Leer; Broking; Jorgenson; Estey; Eder; Lorimor; Mikkonen.

Heat 2 (8 laps): Nelson; Shaw; Atkinson; Uotinen; Hietala; Heikkinen; Wood. DNF: Lofdahl.

Heat 3: Rivord; Beaulieu; Sersha; VanHouse; Balduc Walkowski.

WISSOTA Super Stock (17 cars)

Feature (20 laps): Scott Lawrence, Superior; Willie Johnsen, Superior; Tyler Kintner, Hibbing; Dexton Koch, Rice; Nick Oreskovich, Mason; Andy Davey, Hibbing; Shawn McFadden, Ashland; Dave Flynn, Superior; Keith Kern, Superior; Pat Heikkinen, Eveleth; DJ Keeler, Superior; Don Muzzy, Ironwood; Dan Tocheri, Kakabeka Falls. DNF: Jim Campbell, Two Harbors; Austin McWilliam, Thunder Bay; Kevin Burdick, Proctor; Andy Grymala, Superior.

Heat 1 (8 laps): Burdick; McFadden; Kern; Kintner; Koch; Tocheri; Oreskovich.

Heat 2 (8 laps): Flynn; Johnsen; Keeler; Lawrence; Davey; Campbell; Grymala.

WISSOTA Midwest Modified (20 cars)

Feature (20 laps): Dan Kingsley, Superior; Deven VanHouse, Silver Bay; Mack Estey, Kelly Lake; Skeeter Estey, Kelly Lake; Carey LePage, Culver; Jake Gondik, Foxboro; Brady Caul, Fort Francis; Cody Carlson, Superior; Dale Soumala, Hermantown; Tyler Luger, Iron River; Don Craig, Thunder Bay; David Simpson, Thunder Bay; Jesse Ogston, Duluth; Norm Anderson Jr., Duluth. DNF: Andy Inman, Hermantown; Lance Solem, Duluth; Ricky Davis, Bruno; Chris Bretting, Washburn; Justin Madsen, Foxboro; Justin Bassa, Hermantown.

Heat 1 (8 laps): M. Estey; S. Estey; Kingsley; Carlson; Caul; Simpson. DNF: Bassa.

Heat 2 (8 laps): LePage; Luger; VanHouse; Craig; Inman; Anderson. DNF: Madsen.

Heat 3 (8 laps): Bretting; Gondik; Solem; Soumala. DNF: Davis; Ogston.

Pure Stock (16 cars)

Feature (15 laps): Dustin Follett, Cloquet; Mike Sirois, Hermantown; Glenn Dammer, Hermantown; Lucas Carlson, Cloquet; Josh Johnson, Superior; Annika Hammitt, Cloquet; Shaina Rapp, Saginaw; Jon Hammitt, Cloquet; Matt Hammitt, Cloquet; Ryan Madsen, South Range; Mike Lambert, Superior. DNF: Derek Ament, Barnum; Tim Carlson, Superior; Jim Cooper, Superior; Thomas Karaba, Superior; Ryan Savoy, Superior.

Heat 1 (8 laps): Dammer; Savoy; M. Hammitt; Johnson; J. Hammitt; Karaba. DNF: T. Carlson.

Heat 2 (8 laps): Sirois; L. Carlson; A. Hammitt; Ament; Rapp; Madsen; Cooper; Lambert.