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Bear activity closes Oak Island dock

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Oak Island dock area closes at 8 a.m. today due to increased bear activity.

The temporary closure will be in place for group site B and campsites 2 and 3 on Oak Island in Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. The dock closes to overnight use and most day-use. Visitors with valid camping permits for group site A or campsites 1, 4 or 6 on Oak Island can be dropped-off provided they leave the closure area as soon as possible.


Two resident bears are frequenting the dock and campsite area, have boarded boats and caused minor property damage.

To the park’s knowledge, these bears have not gotten human food yet.

Park staff are hoping that hazing or deterrence will teach the bears to be afraid of humans and avoid the need to close the entire island. The help of visitors is needed to make sure no food is left unattended and any bear activity is reported to the Oak Island Ranger or Park Headquarters at 715-779-3398, ext. 122.