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Animals deserve our care

There must be a hell for pets. How can a dog or cat — most common pets — be that bad? Some animals that never see the light of day; some are never put out to do their duty, as we know animals do not care to be near their waste. Some animals are left alone 17 hours or more. Do you really believe they have food and water after this many hours? Animals never touched, only whipped if the owner is in a bad mood. These are usually classified as “work dogs.” We all know what this refers to. If there is a hell for these innocent creatures, there must be a heaven, which would be great, even for the baby animals.

Landlords who have tenants abusing animals are guilty and should be prosecuted if a person who witnessed abuse and it is reported to them.

What kind of help can the locked up animals get? No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. We probably wouldn’t care to know.