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AMFA hosts chance to experience mine hauling

The general meeting of Arrowhead Manufacturers & Fabricators Association begins at noon Tuesday at Hibbing Community College.

The meeting includes information on the immersive simulator. For those learning how to operate mining heavy equipment, immersive simulators are the closest you can get to the real thing. Only nine colleges in North America have this type of simulator, and now the Advanced Minnesota & Hibbing Community College partnership is one of them. The state-of-the-art simulator demonstrates what it's like to operate a mining haul truck. The 180-degree screen simulates the actual landscape of mines like Hibbing Taconite. A special cap with attached sensors allows the machine to monitor where the driver is looking. Don't miss the opportunity to test drive the simulator.

The AMFA meeting is open to current and prospective members. Register for the luncheon by contacting LeeAnn Rostberg at 877-330-2632 or