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Abusive action not hero-worthy

I have lost a lot of sleep thinking about the incident reported Jan. 23, “Police, attorney seek witnesses to altercation” and other alleged police brutality cases across our country.

I’m hoping in writing my opinion, it may comfort Ms. Natasha Lancour in some small way to know that others care this happened to her.

One of my granddaughters started kindergarten this year. The first week of her public education, she learned about Sept. 11, 2001. Her mother’s career enables her to travel the world by airplane. My barely 5-year-old granddaughter was shielded from the 9/11 events as she was born in 2008. Without giving prior information to the families, these impressionable youngsters were told about bad men hijacking airplanes, flying them into buildings and killing people.

My granddaughter was traumatized. She went home hysterically crying and terrified her mom was going to die this way; it broke my heart as well as the hearts of her parents.

I understand history needs to be passed on; however, since this was such a delicate topic notification certainly could have gone out to the parents prior. After the presentation of the Sept. 11, 2001, events, the children were asked to draw “their” hero. My granddaughter drew a picture of a zookeeper. When asked why, she said “because they take care for all the animals.” That’s quite appropriate for a barely 5-year-old.

The examples of heroes the school presented were servicemen, policemen, and firemen. Yes probably most of them are honorable and some are true heroes. However; they are human and don’t earn “hero status” by putting a uniform or a badge on; it is earned with heroic action. Heroes lead by example. They do not bully and beat. Is that officer who you want your child’s hero to be? If this was in any way reasonable, I’d like to know exactly what our officers are being trained to do?

When did “Protect and Serve” go to “Bully and Beat”? To me, the conduct by this officer was most inappropriate and is not only excessive but abuse of power.

To defend the action of this officer defies commonsense.