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80 percent isn’t good enough

After the disastrous introduction of the Obamacare website, the president promised it would be working on Dec. 1. As this deadline approached, we were told that on Dec. 1, 80 percent of the site would be working.

The president just defined the phrase “good enough for government work”.

After spending over $500 million dollars and 3½ years you produce a product that simply doesn’t work, you not only don’t get fired, you get another 2 months and millions of dollars more and you get by with doing just 80 percent of your job.

I guarantee that a salesman who sells just 80 percent of his quota won’t be working very long. A farmer who only milks 80 percent of his cows won’t be farming very long. A factory worker who works 4 out of 5 days won’t have a job very long. If McDonald’s gave you 80 percent of a Big Mac, they would have gone out of business years ago.

However, working for the government — specifically the Obama administration — 80 percent is good enough.

I have to wonder if the IRS investigated only 80 percent of the conservative organizations or the Justice Department only sold 80 percent of the automatic weapons it had to Mexican gangs. Is it good enough for the NSA to monitor only 80 percent of our phone calls? Maybe with just 20 percent more effort on the part of the administration there wouldn’t be four Americans who died in Benghazi. Would the president have been satisfied if his campaign staff had done 80 percent of its job during the last election?

Is the President only doing 80 percent of his job?