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Seeking mentors


Age: 9

Interests: Dakota enjoys playing in the woods, building forts, fishing and archery. He also enjoys playing sports such as basketball and baseball. He is still exploring what he likes or doesn’t like. He has recently learned how to make maple syrup and loved it. He enjoys cooking as well.

Personality: Dakota is a curious young boy. He likes to ask questions and learns new things. Dakota usually goes with the flow. He often spends time by himself at school. He is learning how to talk about feelings instead of acting out. He is doing better and is very proud of himself.

Goals/dreams: Dakota would like to be a cop since he was 4 years old. Two of his wishes are to see his aunt that he hasn’t seen for a while and to have a pot of gold.

Mentor: With a mentor, Dakota would like to have someone who can help him talk about things. He thought it would be cool to be able to ride in a cop car, go out to eat and go swimming with a mentor. His guardian would like to have someone who can teach him life skills and social skills.

For information: If you would like to mentor Dakota, contact Salisa Hochstetler, Mentor Superior program coordinator, at 218-393-9160 or email