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Seeking mentors


Age: 12

Interests: Rudy loves to listen to music and draw; she is very good at drawing. She also enjoys playing and watching sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer and archery. She also takes an interest in outdoor activities such as fishing, walking and picnicking.

Personality: Rudy’s dad describes her as being a tomboy who is slowly changing to more of a “girlie girl.” Rudy likes that she is funny and that she is a good artist. She is personable and has a very kind heart.

Goals/dreams: Rudy doesn’t know what she wants to do in the future. She is good at art, but doesn’t know if she wants to do anything with that. One of her wishes is to see her favorite band, Hollywood Undead.

Mentor: Rudy would like to have someone who can listen to her and someone who is trustworthy. She would like to do archery, draw and go shopping with a mentor. Her dad would like to have someone who can teach her life skills and social skills.

For more information: If you would like to mentor Rudy, contact Salisa Hochstetler, Mentor Superior Program Coordinator, at 218-393-9160 or e-mail