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Students compete in UWS piano competition

Eleven students qualified to compete at the state level following local music auditions held March 2 at the University of Wisconsin-Superior sponsored by the Superior Area Music Teachers Association.

The state completion takes place May 17 at UW-LaCrosse. Heading to the state competition are Benjamin Hintzman, Natalie Sandor, Georgina Weber, Morgan Evans, Sara Gruba, Joseph Weber, Elizabeth Evans, Lydia Swanson, Hans Arvidson-Hicks, Ellen Stoll and Jon Nelson.

There were 52 participants represented by seven teachers. Alex Sandor, Kathleen Frank, Roberta Grube, Ruby Thomas, Tammy Jo Weber, Melody Kosobucki and Jennifer LeGarde.

Points are awarded each year and accumulated over time. Those who received their 22 point plaque this year were Ruby Moore, Lydia Swanson, Ryan Peterson, Lilli Kovaleski, Sydney Anderson, Gervase Thompson, Harold Tu, Samantha Wicklund and Georgina Weber.

Mark Sakowski, Stanley Wu, Suzy Warring, Kaia Orme, Kristafer Accola, Natalie Sandor, London Jonasen and Kit Smart earned the 50 point bar.

Elizabeth Evans and Addie Heller earned the 75 point bar.

Sannah Arvidson-Hicks and Zachary Grohn received the 100 point plaque.

The 125 point bar was awarded to Benjamin Hintzman received the 125 point bar and Ellen Stoll earned 150 point bar.

Kit Smart also received the High School Award for participating in all four years of high school.