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Youth seeks mentor for fun adventure

Brandon, 13

Personality: Brandon is a caring kid that is full of fun and energy. He is close with his family including his two brothers. They are always out and about having fun around the neighborhood. Brandon describes himself as happy, funny and fun. He tends to lead a group in a quieter way and is always helping out in his neighborhood by shoveling or doing yard work.

Interests: Brandon loves electronics, motorcycles, ATVs and anything of the sort. He likes kayaking, biking, hunting, archery, being outside, working on cars and music. He really likes animals. He loves science and math, and goes to the library by his house quite a bit to check out books and hang out with his friends. He would love to visit the zoo, the Aquarium, Canal Park or anywhere around Duluth and Superior. He’s not extremely into sports but likes to be active and throw a football or shoot baskets.

Goals/Dreams: Brandon wants to be a Marine or a weapons tech researcher when he grows up. If he had two wishes he would hope to be rich and be able to give money away to the poor, and he would also want to be smarter. He would love to visit London, Scotland and Africa someday.

Mentor: Brandon would like a mentor that would like to have fun with him and do many different kinds of activities. He would love to go for an ATV ride, biking or kayaking, listen to music and just spend time together. His mom is interested in someone that can be a friend to him and be an outlet for him to talk to as he is going through middle school and high school.

For information: If you would like to mentor Brandon, contact Rebecca Haavik, Mentor Superior Program Advocate, at 218-393-9160 or email