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Artistry, friendship on display

For 40 years, the Old Towne Artists group has been getting together weekly in Superior.

The group is a source of encouragement, respite and camaraderie for local artists, and has been since 1973.

The artists meet to enhance their craft and learn from each other. Current members of the group plan to hold an art show April 27 to share their works with the community.

Lilly Selvig and Mary Bowman were art teachers, responding to requests from their students to organize a group to meet and share talents. They found a suitable meeting space.

Shortly afterward, Evelyn Tillman, a woman associated with the East End Senior Citizens group, became instrumental in obtaining the East End Burlington Northern Depot for a weekly meeting and the group continued to meet there for the following 40 years. Recently, the group moved to St. Alban's Episcopal Church on New York Avenue.

Initially, artists had to apply for membership to the group and a team decided who would participate. Membership is more open now. Each member pays $6 a month as a donation to the church for the use of the space.

Phyllis Erickson assumes leadership and Audrey Smith has the role of treasurer. Both are members of the original group.

Barbara Dickenson has been with Old Towne Artists for a few years.

"I joined because I enjoy this group of people and I do the art just for the relaxation it affords," she said.

Some of the products of the artists have met with public admiration.

Recently, Irene Anderson had her paintings on display at the Superior Public Library. Anderson has donated many of her seascapes and landscapes to community fundraisers over the years.

Eileen Erickson has focused on portrait painting and has sold the bulk of her work to art enthusiasts.

Several artists offer their work as gifts for family and friends.

The Old Towne Artists art show runs 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday St. Alban's Episcopal Church

Works of art will be displayed and some are for sale. The community is invited to come and see local artists at work and to join them for coffee and refreshments.

Come see the great work they do, Dickenson said.